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We are a vegetable charcoal producer industry, located in the Chaco region of Paraguay. By the strategic location on the Latin American continent, Tata remains close to its customers and provides its products effectively, maintaining quality during the complete manufacturing process.

Our raw material is the Quebracho Blanco, a characteristic tree of the region. We have all the environmental licenses for the production, maintaining, with them, social responsibility.

We provide reforestation of this grove to ensure a sustainable planet.

Tata has all environmental licenses to make the products, by that, beside social responsibilities, the company is regulated by law to make sure every process is ecologically correct. - Tata Charcoal

Tata preserve the roots and dedication of the people that lives on the countryside, guaranteeing that every fabrication process is done with traditions.

Tata uses the highest technology and the newest knowledge for charcoal production. Even in constant evolution, Tata doesn’t lose it roots. We evolved side by side with the best and updated technology, using it on productions and keeping the knowledge passed by generations.

Tata has a partnership with Flavors of Americas and it’s located in the heart of nature. Having a strategical location, in Latin American continent, Tata is close to the costumers and provide the products in the fastest and effective way.

Beside the charcoal production, we also certificate for the package to our clients and make the logistics of distribution to all partner countries


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  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Sustainability
  • Ecologically correct